Data Solutions for the Modern Metropolis

Datapolitan is a new kind of consultancy, one that's focused on leveraging the ever-increasing stream of data being generated in, for, and about cities in order to better understand, manage, and change urban areas

We aim to be thought-leaders in how urban data is produced, analyzed, and consumed, showing the art of the possible and blazing a trail in the urban informatics wilderness for all to follow

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Datapolitan is the dream of Richard Dunks, building on his 6 years of experience as an analyst and data scientist working in the public sector. In business, better analytics can lead to greater profits, but in government, better analysis leads to better lives, through the efficient delivery of public services, the intelligent allocation of resources to meet critical needs, or the more effective enforcement of laws and regulations.


Courses in Data Analytics for City Employees

Following a year of teaching analytics classes to NYC employees, I'm including the course outlines for the four (4) full day courses in data analytics and one (1) half-day course in Open Data. Read the blogpost and see the course outlines.

Redesigning the MTA Subway Station Status Map from the Citizens Budget Commission

Using data provided by the MTA on the status of New York City Transit subway stations and originally visualized using Tableau Public by the Citizens Budget Commission, I created a new interactive map using CartoDB and JavaScript. See the original visualization by the Citizens Budget Commission. Read my blogpost on the work.

Mapping the Use of New York City Transit by Commuters

Using data from the 2009-2013 US Bureau of the Census American Community Survey, I created a map of the subway usage by census tract in New York city along with the subway lines. I did the same for bus and automobile commuters. Read the blogpost.

NYC Department of Education Edtech Portal

Working with the New York City Department of Education Office of Innovation, we designed and led a user research session testing the key pieces of information educators and administrators need when evaluating and purchasing educational technology (edtech) products, providing wireframes for a portal to display this information in a visually engaging interface.

NYU Rudin Center Job Access

In cooperation with the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management and linepointpath, we visualized the availability of jobs to those living around New York City via public transportation. See the visualization and read the report.

Universal Prekindergarten Seat Optimization

Predicting shortages in New York City's prekindergarten seat capacity and optimizing where new seats should be located to meet demand. Download the working paper.

Visualizing a Smart Street in Lower Manhattan

As part of the NYC BigApps Challenge, visualize sensor data collected along the Water Street Corridor to provide real-time intelligence in an urban area with Corridorscope.

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