1. Design Thinking and the Analytics Process

  2. Data Analysis with Excel/R/Python

  3. Information Visualization

  4. Spatial Analysis and Mapping

  5. Managing Analysts and Leading with Data

We will provide engaging, interactive experiences for your people to learn and apply key data analytics skills and techniques. By using proven frameworks of understanding they will be able to better leverage available data tools and cultivate a more data-driven mindset in their work. Through our blended online and in-person learning experiences, your staff will grow more comfortable and capable with a variety of data analytics tasks and be able to communicate their understanding clearly and concisely.



  1. User-centered design for curriculum development

  2. Embracing diversity and fostering inclusion in the classroom

  3. Discerning and overcoming obstacles to learning

  4. Cultivating the skill of deep listening

  5. Teaching for comprehension

  6. Creating a container to allow vulnerability and cultivate creativity

We will provide the critical support your in-house trainers need to go from good to great and help your people become their best by sharing the many lessons we’ve gained from 5 years and over 200 classes with public sector professionals. We will also provide a blend of online and in-person learning experiences to help shape your training program while challenging your staff to make it better by focusing more on the learner’s experience and delivering content that makes an impact.



  1. Project planning

  2. Facilitating for meeting success

  3. Productive project goal-setting

  4. Stakeholder buy-in and project co-creation

  5. Meaningfully evaluating project performance

We will plan and lead individual and small group engagements—both in-person and online—to develop the general skills, routines, and mindsets necessary to grow your internal capacity as a data-driven organization. We will also provide specialized advice, guidance, and mentoring to meet specific requirements for project success through a mix of customized training, facilitated small group work sessions, one-on-one coaching, and skill study sessions.



  1. Asking probing questions

  2. Conducting data-driven conversations

  3. Embracing vulnerability

  4. Navigating ambiguity

We will help evolve your organization’s culture to integrate fact-based analysis into the regular decision-making process. Through individual and small-group engagements, we will help you examine the latent mindsets and routines of your organizations to find key opportunities that will foster a more data-driven attitude and reflexively fact-based analysis of problems.